Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez removes her tweet after mistaking a Democrat for a Republican

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez removes her tweet after mistaking a Democrat for a Republican


Alexandria-based Democrat Alexei Cortez called Thursday for an endeavor to call Republican “more established men” to gather bits of cardboard.

MP was not your Republican. His partner was a democrat.


The Republican Party of Kentucky on Thursday taped the photograph of Rep. John Yarmouth, a Democrat from Bluegrass County, who heads the House Budget Committee and has served in Congress since 2007.

In the famous configuration, New York Congress individuals distributed the GOP record and included: “None: [GOP]: Let’s put our more seasoned men beside comic books by youthful administrators.”

The gleam of the Republican Party of Kentucky asserted that it appeared that Ocasio-Cortez “summons pictures of [Kentucky Democrats] now,” including the picture of Yarmuth.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Yarmuth later reacted on Twitter: “I was your group of onlookers 35 years back, however I think I ended up more shrewd as a more established, white democrat, and I simply needed everybody to realize that I’m respecting the RepAOC in Kentucky, paying little heed to the old white republican man, “Yarmuth Twitter.

Some Republican observers have required the Ocasio-Cortez mistake.

@AOC FYI, the “older male” pictured is John Yarmuth. Your colleague. And a Democrat.

Good job.

— Joe Walsh (@WalshFreedom) April 25, 2019

The picture of Yarmouth, which holds the pattern of Acacio Cortez, showed up half a month after the division of the American Social Democrats in Louisville found a month ago a noteworthy test for the Kentucky council, after not having promptly reported his help for Medicare for everybody.

“I think RepJohnYarmuth ought to ask Joe Crowley the end result for delegates who don’t stay faithful to their commitments and contradict restorative consideration for everybody,” the gathering said. “AOC might almost certainly disclose to you where to discover nowadays.”

Osasio Cortez, in an uncommon condition of agitation, beat occupant Democratic Representative Joe Crowley to his presidential post in New York State a year ago. This triumph drove her to turn into the most youthful lady chose to Congress. East 29.





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