Attack on US Embassy in Afghanistan on the 9/11 anniversary.

US Embassy in Afghanistan

Wednesday, on the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan witnessed a blast that was caused by a rocket.  It was used to attack the Embassy and caused much terror.

“An explosion caused by a rocket has occurred on the compound.” This was the announcement made alongside loud sirens to warn the members of the US Embassy of the attack.

Residents nearby reported seeing fumes of smoke in the skies of Kabul due to the attack a little after midnight.

US Embassy officials announced soon that the blast hasn’t caused any injuries.

The NATO, which is also near the area, informed that no one was harmed and all was okay.

Since Donald Trump called off the US-Taliban talks, it has been the first large blast in Kabul as a consequence.

In the previous week, an American soldier died as well as two members of an international NATO mission. Because of these attacks, Trump said the US-Taliban was now discontinued which caused this explosion as a rebellious outcome by the Taliban.

The talks were targeted towards finally ending the 20-year-old war which had started in 2001 due to the initial 9/11 attacks. The draft during earlier talks mentioned that the US will call their troops back.

Talking to Al-Jazeera, Taliban spokesperson said, “We had two ways to end the occupation in Afghanistan. One was jihad and fighting, the other was talks and negotiations.”

Following this, he mentioned that Trump will regret his decision of stopping the talks.

Donald Trump when fired his former- National Security Adviser John Bolton, because he contradicted the idea of holding the meetings.


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