Beautiful cities! Top 10 most beautiful cities in the world

beautiful city of paris

Beautiful cities! when we talk about most beautiful cities of the world, few names just click in our mind. Cities like Paris, Venice, Rome, Dubai, Cape Town, Istanbul, and Berlin etc. There are certain specialties which make a city worth visit like Rome is famous for Tiber river as this city is standing on seven different hills by this river.

For instance, Venice as being a city on water, Dubai famous by shopping malls, Paris got Eiffel tower and lot more. Which is the reason why they lie in beautiful cities ranking? As every city of beautiful cities has lots of attracting points that force a tourist to visit it. Attraction may include food, culture, buildings, unique and historical architectural work etc. So, here we a have a list of top most beautiful cities of the world that one must visit only if he is really interested to see the beauty of the world. Here every city is totally unique and different from other in its culture, food and architectural work.

Ultimately, as every city of beautiful cities has lots of attracting points that force a tourist to visit it. Attraction may include food, culture, buildings, unique and historical architectural work etc. Here we a have a list of top most beautiful cities of the world that one must visit only if he is really interested to see the beauty of the world. Here every city is totally unique and different from other in its culture, food and architectural work.

Most beautiful cities:

beautiful city of VeniceVENICE

Most beautiful city in the world with an unending list of names. A city which is known by many names as “The floating city” “The city of water”, ” The city of bridges” and also “The city of canals”. I must say it is a perfect city to visit with no doubt at all. Northeast Italy is its location and its a capital of Veneto province. There are almost 118 islands that are connected to each other by almost 400 bridges on which city lies. Every single building is a mesmerizing piece of art, breathtaking architectural work which has no comparison all over the world. Every building is a perfect artistry work but it enhances more when we have its reflection shown in canals.

beautiful city of parisPARIS

Paris also was known as “City of love” 2nd very beautiful city among beautiful cities category. It’s not only Eiffel tower that actually attracts tourist but of course, the shopping markets, fully lighted cafes, street lights can easily hypnotize a person. Monumental squares, charming streets of Montmartre, grand boulevards and bridges cross it, they undoubtedly give you a picture of one of the most elegant cities with great sophistication in its unmatchable beauty. Whether you are walking in streets under street lamps or just sitting on a bench it has its own charm.

beautiful city of CAPE TOWNCAPE TOWN

There are the ton of features that make Cape town to be a 3rd most beautiful city. It’s a port city of South Africa, as nature reserves, wildlife encounter including hiking trails, one more thing connected to this city is Nelson Mandela who was kept here for about 27 years is also considered to be a significant feature of this city which also attracts tourist attention. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens and Blaauwberg Beach are two of must visiting places.

beautiful city of FLORENCEFLORENCE

Florence city is 4th most beautiful craft on earth, being blessed with beauty in its architecture, history, cuisine, great collection of palaces and museums full of cultural heritage. This city of Italy has an impressive piece of arts in form of historical buildings with antique and unique architectural work. There are certain attractive places like Art galleries, Tombs, and Gucci Museum to enjoy the beauty of a city. By having a look at a city from a top or a terrace you will find great and impressive artwork in form of hills, Horizons, Domes, Towers, Bridges and most beautifully architecture with eye-catching cultural beauty. Italian Cathedral can be seen which are a revitalizing piece of art and amazing monuments in between all these. How can anyone forget this city when they are writing about top 10 most beautiful cities in the world.

beautiful city of PRAGUEPRAGUE

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and ranked on 5th position in beautiful cities. Also, its largest city of Czech Republic. If we talk about its history we can surely say that this city is almost 1,100 years old now one can easily estimate heritage it keeps in it how unimaginable and inspiring it would be. Talking about architectural work of this city which clearly shows from whom they are inspired that is none other than Renaissance eras. As Renaissance era was an era of discovery and great exploration so Prague is considered to be worth visiting a place from the educational point of view. As this city has great educational institutes providing you with the best education. And yes its also 14th largest city of European Union. Vltava River from Charles Bridge and of course old town square are few worth visiting places of the city.


Its 6th most beautiful city in the world and a city of Brazil and most commonly known as Rio. Again the natural beauty of this city plays an important role in its attraction by tourism. One of their cultural events includes “Samba dance” which is considered to be most attractive, colorful and eye catching of the whole world including Japan. Architectural work from building and churches expresses art of 16th to 19th century with a modern artistic touch of a 20th century.

As a matter of fact, the beauty of this city is also used in show business in many movies including Oscar-winning drama Black Orpheus. Library of this city is an 8th largest library of a world and its largest city of Latin America. Its 1st Portuguese nation having the honor of hosting Olympic games in 2016. It is the cultural hub of Brazil. Beaches like Bossa Nova and Blaneirio are among worth visiting a place of Rio.

beautiful city of ISTANBULISTANBUL

7th most beautiful city in the world and most popular city of Turkey with its breathtaking architectural work. Located in Northwestern Turkey between Marmara sea and Black sea. In 2012, after a huge amount of visitors, it was given a name “European capital of culture”. Markets, mosques, Turkish baths, and historical buildings give you a unique artistic work having an ancient style of art with latest architectural designs. As a matter of fact, blue mosque and Topkapi palace are two place which shows both history and architectural work of the city, Istanbul. Being capital of four empires it includes Latin, Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine shows an architectural touch of all these periods.

beautiful city of MARRAKECHMARRAKECH

It’s a major and 4th largest city of Morocco and the 8th beautiful city of the world. This city lies in western Morocco. One can find the best piece of ancient art in forms of mosque, palace, museums and markets. Places that should be in a list of a visitor includes Koutoubia Mosques minaret, High Atlas Mountains, Jemaa el Fna, Bahia Palace, Saadian tombs and Majorelle Garden. These places can show you ancient culture, ancient heritage and old architectural skills of a city with its history.


It’s most populated and largest city of England outside London. Also, it’s ranking is 9th in a list of beautiful cities. Also, Birmingham is ranked as a beta world city because it is a major international commercial center. 4th most visited city of UK by foreigners. Hence, It can also be called as ” Heart of England “. This city has given a nickname ” Brum ” that is the reason why people of Birmingham are called as ” Brummies “. Certain districts are named as Yardley, Saltley, Hockley, and Moseley as ” ley ” in old English gives a meaning of ” woodland clearing “. And, worth visiting places include ” Balti triangle “, a food street popular for desi (Pakistani and Indian) food, National Sea Life Center, cafes and shopping bars located in Gas Street Basin. Finally, cutting edge galleries, museums, and shopping malls are also of great attraction.

beautiful city of DUBAIDUBAI

It’s the only stop in the Middle East which lies in top 10 beautiful cities. It had nearly 10 million international visitors. Next, its attraction includes so many other viewpoints. But Burj Khalifa no doubts being world’s tallest building is one of them. Dubai is all famous for shopping malls, luxurious lifestyle, great and breathtaking architectural work. Being unique in creating different eye catching a piece of art by using incomparable ideas of designing a building. This city has also to host World-Expo 2020. To live in the Middle East, it was also rated as one of the best places. From here on, it’s also rated 22nd most expensive city in the world. Additionally, a top most expensive city of the Middle East. Of course, in 2014 it is rated as the second world most expensive hotel rooms are in Dubai.


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