Joe Jackson sexually harassed Latoya when she was 11

Latoya Jackson

 Joe Jackson sexually harassed Latoya when she was 11

Joe Jackson died in 2018, used to abuse his children. But Michael’s sister LaToya said his sensation of fear was more drastic towards her. She was depressed and could not fully describe that agony happened years ago. Joe Jackson, who kicked the bucket in 2018, purportedly abused his 10 kids. However, Michael Latoya’s sister said his dread crusade was more than my body to her. The injurious dad of Michael Jackson, his 11-year-old little girl, has been accused of rape.

LaToya Jackson, who has been far from his acclaimed family for a long time amid his marriage to Jack Gordon, said that while Joe Jackson was as yet alive, he assaulted her multiple times while she was a young lady. In his 1991 journal, “Experiencing childhood in the Jackson Family,” LaToya said his dad would hit the hay while his better half, Catherine Jackson, would ask to give their little girl a chance to rest.

“At the point when your dad leaves your mom and lays down with her little girl and hears the mother say,” No, Joe, not today around evening time. Let her rest. Surrender, it’s worn out, “make you insane,” Latoya composed.

In open Latoya Jackson was seen blaming his sibling Michael for being gay in stunning pictures that were found.

Latoya Jackson


A 1993 clasp demonstrates that the younger sibling of the perished star said at a public interview that she couldn’t and would not be a quiet partner in her wrongdoings against guiltless little kids.


“On the off chance that I stay quiet, it implies that I touched off the sentiment of blame and embarrassment felt by these kids and I imagine that is exceptionally false,” she said on camera before saying that she had seen “substantial totals” paid to her folks. ‘These youngsters’.

“I am a casualty of myself and I know how you feel. These kids will be scarred with their injuries for their entire lives, I would prefer not to see guiltless youthful kids influenced along these lines,” she said.



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