Maryland DNR rescues whale entangled by buoys and fishing gear

Trapped whale rescued off shore of Maryland

A trapped whale entangled by two buoys and a fishing gear line has been rescued in the waters of Ocean City by Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

According to the Salisbury Daily Times, officer of Maryland Department of Natural Resources Sgt. Andrew Wilson and his crew were on petrol on Thursday received a transmission about the whale trapped and unable to get free near Ocean City.

“Upon discovering the animal, officers noticed its tail was entangled by two buoys and a fishing gear line” said Sgt. Andrew Wilson.

“It was clearly struggling” He further said “When we pulled up next to it, it tried to dive below the surface but wasn’t able to really go more than a couple of feet.”

Capt. Monty Hawkins of Morning Star Fishing in Ocean City, who heard the initial call, offered a whale rescue blade that allowed the crew to free trapped sea mammal.

Sgt. Troy Brimer and Officer First Class Robert Wood “was able to free the whale using the blade within one hour “ said Wilson.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration had issued a statement saying that “the entanglement is one of the most severe threats to whales.”


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